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Ziegler-Natta catalysts with novel internal electron donors for propylene polymeri.. 党小飞 4
2,3,4,5-Tetrakis(3',4'-dihydroxylphenyl)thiophene: A New Matrix for the Selective .. 陈素明 2
Planar Quinary Cluster inside a Fullerene Cage: Synthesis and Structural Character.. 王太山 1
Synthesis of Flake-Like MnO2/CNT Composite Nanotubes and Their Applications in Ele.. 毕荣荣 1
Spin-Coated Silicon Nanoparticle/Graphene Electrode as Binder-Free Anode for High-.. 周小四 1
Development of a new open tubular capillary electrochromatography method for toxic.. Shen Y(沈莹) 1
N-(567-Trihydroquinolin-8-ylidene)-2-benzhydrylbenzenaminonickel Halide Complexes:.. 侯小华 1
端基功能化聚烯烃的合成与应用 张勇杰 1
Ziegler-Natta/茂金属复合催化剂一步法制备新型聚丙烯抗冲共聚树脂 牛慧 1
Effects of some new alkoxysilane external donors on propylene polymerization in Mg.. 周倩 1
Effects of nanoparticle size and gestational age on maternal biodistribution and t.. Xin Tian 1
Arsenite binding-induced zinc loss from PARP-1 is equivalent to zinc deficiency in.. Xi Sun 1
Optimizing LiFePO4@C core shell structures via the aminophenol formaldehyde polyme.. 张伟 1
电化学阻抗谱研究聚合物凝胶电解质对染料敏化太阳能电池性能的影响 戴玉华 1
TiO2 compact layer for dye-sensitized SnO2 nanocrystalline thin film Hui Yang 1
Theoretical study on the reaction of CO2 and 2-aminobenzonitrile to form quinazoli.. 马珺 1
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文章名称 第一作者 下载量
全部 所外 国外
文章名称 第一作者 下载量