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Tunable Morphology of the Self-Assembled Organic Microcrystals for the Efficient Laser Optical Resonator by Molecular Modulation 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, NOV , 卷号: 136, 期号: 47, 页码: 16602-16608
Authors:  Wang, Xuedong;  Li, Hui;  Wu, Yishi;  Xu, Zhenzhen;  Fu, Hongbing
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Room-Temperature Phosphorescence in Pure Organic Materials: Halogen Bonding Switching Effects 期刊论文
CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, FEB , 卷号: 24, 期号: 8, 页码: 1801-1805
Authors:  Xiao, Lu;  Wu, Yishi;  Yu, Zhenyi;  Xu, Zhenzhen;  Li, Jinbiao;  Liu, Yanping;  Yao, Jiannian;  Fu, Hongbing
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Tuning the organic microcrystal laser wavelength of ESIPT-active compounds via controlling the excited enol* and keto* emissions 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, 2017, 卷号: 5, 期号: 46, 页码: 12235-12240
Authors:  Li, Jinbiao;  Wu, Yishi;  Xu, Zhenzhen;  Liao, Qing;  Zhang, Haihua;  Zhang, Yi;  Xiao, Lu;  Yao, Jiannian;  Fu, Hongbing
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A New Electron Acceptor with meta-Alkoxyphenyl Side Chain for Fullerene-Free Polymer Solar Cells with 9.3% Efficiency 期刊论文
ADVANCED SCIENCE, 2017, 卷号: 4, 期号: 11
Authors:  Zhang, Zhenzhen;  Feng, Liuliu;  Xu, Shutao;  Liu, Ye;  Peng, Hongjian;  Zhang, Zhi-Guo;  Li, Yongfang;  Zou, Yingping
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Hexafluoroquinoxaline-based Polymers  M-itic-or  Meta-alkoxyphenyl Side Chains  Nonfullerene Polymer Solar Cells  
Thieno[3,2-b]pyrrolo-Fused Pentacyclic Benzotriazole-Based Acceptor for Efficient Organic Photovoltaics 期刊论文
ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 2017, 卷号: 9, 期号: 37, 页码: 31985-31992
Authors:  Feng, Liuliu;  Yuan, Jun;  Zhang, Zhenzhen;  Peng, Hongjian;  Zhang, Zhi-Guo;  Xu, Shutao;  Liu, Ye;  Li, Yongfang;  Zou, Yingping
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Mutifused Benzotriazole  Novel Nonfullerene Acceptor  Hexafluoroquinoxaline-based Polymer  Covalently Locking  Efficient Photovoltaics  
Achieving over 10% efficiency in a new acceptor ITTC and its blends with hexafluoroquinoxaline based polymers 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 2017, 卷号: 5, 期号: 22, 页码: 11286-11293
Authors:  Zhang, Zhenzhen;  Feng, Liuliu;  Xu, Shutao;  Yuan, Jun;  Zhang, Zhi-Guo;  Peng, Hongjian;  Li, Yongfang;  Zou, Yingping
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Embedding Perovskite Nanocrystals into a Polymer Matrix for Tunable Luminescence Probes in Cell Imaging 期刊论文
Authors:  Zhang, Haihua;  Wang, Xu;  Liao, Qing;  Xu, Zhenzhen;  Li, Haiyang;  Zheng, Lemin;  Fu, Hongbing
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Self-Assembled Microdisk Lasers of Perylenediimides 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 2015, 卷号: 137, 期号: 48, 页码: 15105-15111
Authors:  Yu, Zhenyi;  Wu, Yishi;  Liao, Qing;  Zhang, Haihua;  Bai, Shuming;  Li, Hui;  Xu, Zhenzhen;  Sun, Chunlin;  Wang, Xuedong;  Yao, Jiannian;  Fu, Hongbing
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Hydrogen-Bonding-Mediated Synthesis of Atomically Thin TiO2 Films with Exposed (001) Facets and Applications in Fast Lithium Insertion/Extraction 期刊论文
CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, 2015, 卷号: 21, 期号: 41, 页码: 14608-14613
Authors:  Zhang, Hongye;  Yang, Zhenzhen;  Gan, Wei;  Zhao, Yanfei;  Yu, Bo;  Xu, Huanjun;  Ma, Zhishuang;  Hao, Leiduan;  Chen, Dechao;  Miao, Shiding;  Liu, Zhimin
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Hydrogen Bonds  Insertion  Lithium  Nanostructures  Synergistic Effect  
An Organic Microlaser Array Based on a Lateral Microcavity of a Single J-aggregation Microbelt 期刊论文
ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, 2015, 卷号: 54, 期号: 24, 页码: 7037-7041
Authors:  Liao, Qing;  Jin, Xue;  Zhang, Haihua;  Xu, Zhenzhen;  Yao, Jiannian;  Fu, Hongbing
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Laser Array  Nanostructures  Nanotechnology  Photochemistry  Photonic Devices