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Crystal Structure and Optical Properties of the [Ag62S12(SBut)(32)](2+) Nanocluster with a Complete Face-Centered Cubic Kernel 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, NOV , 卷号: 136, 期号: 44, 页码: 15559-15565
Authors:  Jin, Shan;  Wang, Shuxin;  Song, Yongbo;  Zhou, Meng;  Zhong, Juan;  Zhang, Jun;  Xia, Andong;  Pei, Yong;  Chen, Man;  Li, Peng;  Zhu, Manzhou
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Asymmetric Synthesis of 1,3-Butadienyl-2-carbinols by the Homoallenylboration of Aldehydes with a Chiral Phosphoric Acid Catalyst 期刊论文
Authors:  Huang, Yiyong;  Yang, Xing;  Lv, Zongchao;  Cai, Chen;  Kai, Cheng;  Pei, Yong;  Feng, Yu
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Novel wide band-gap polymer utilizing fused hetero-aromatic unit for efficient polymer solar cells and field-effect transistors 期刊论文
POLYMER, DEC , 卷号: 55, 期号: 26, 页码: 6708-6716
Authors:  Dang, Dongfeng;  Zhou, Pei;  Zhong, Juan;  Fan, Jiang;  Wang, Zongrui;  Wang, Yafei;  Pei, Yong;  Bao, Xichang;  Yang, Renqiang;  Hu, Wenping;  Zhu, Weiguo
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Swarm Intelligence-Inspired Spontaneous Fabrication of Optimal Interconnect at the Micro/Nanoscale 期刊论文
ADVANCED MATERIALS, 2017, 卷号: 29, 期号: 7
Authors:  Su, Meng;  Huang, Zhandong;  Huang, Yong;  Chen, Shuoran;  Qian, Xin;  Li, Wenbo;  Li, Yifan;  Pei, Weihua;  Chen, Hongda;  Li, Fengyu;  Song, Yanlin
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Two Electron Reduction: From Quantum Dots to Metal Nanoclusters 期刊论文
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, 2016, 卷号: 28, 期号: 21, 页码: 7905-7911
Authors:  Jin, Shan;  Wang, Shuxin;  Xiong, Ling;  Zhou, Meng;  Chen, Shuang;  Du, Wenjun;  Xia, Andong;  Pei, Yong;  Zhu, Manzhou
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Catalytic Performance of Pt/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites to Methanol Electrochemical Oxidation: Optimization of Mass-Specific Activity 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, 2015, 卷号: 15, 期号: 9, 页码: 6628-6635
Authors:  Xue, Qiong;  Li, Jing;  Huang, Pei-Pei;  Liu, Xing-Rui;  Yang, Zhi-Yong;  Wang, Dong;  Song, Wei-Guo;  Yan, Dong-Wei;  Gu, Zhan-Jun
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Pt Catalyst  Methanol Oxidation  Graphene  Fuel Cell  
Ultrafast Relaxation Dynamics of Luminescent Rod-Shaped, SilverDoped AgxAu25-x Clusters 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 2015, 卷号: 119, 期号: 32, 页码: 18790-18797
Authors:  Zhou, Meng;  Zhong, Juan;  Wang, Shuxin;  Guo, Qianjin;  Zhu, Manzhou;  Pei, Yong;  Xia, Andong
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Monodispersed Pd clusters generated in situ by their own reductive support for high activity and stability in cross-coupling reactions 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 2014, 卷号: 2, 期号: 32, 页码: 12739-12745
Authors:  Li, Ping;  Huang, Pei-Pei;  Wei, Fang-Fang;  Sun, Yong-Bin;  Cao, Chang-Yan;  Song, Wei-Guo
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Controllable Loading of Noble Metal Nanoparticles on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes/Fe3O4 through an In Situ Galvanic Replacement Reaction for High-Performance Catalysis 期刊论文
CHEMCATCHEM, 2014, 卷号: 6, 期号: 7, 页码: 1868-1872
Authors:  Yang, Shu-Liang;  Cao, Chang-Yan;  Wei, Fang-Fang;  Huang, Pei-Pei;  Sun, Yong-Bin;  Song, Wei-Guo
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Cross-coupling  Galvanic Replacement  Hydrodegradation  Nanoparticles  Nanotubes  
Flexible macroporous carbon nanofiber film with high oil adsorption capacity 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 2014, 卷号: 2, 期号: 10, 页码: 3557-3562
Authors:  Liu, Hua;  Cao, Chang-Yan;  Wei, Fang-Fang;  Huang, Pei-Pei;  Sun, Yong-Bin;  Jiang, Lei;  Song, Wei-Guo
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