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Crystallization and Rheology of Poly(ethylene oxide) in Imidazolium Ionic Liquids 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2016, 卷号: 49, 期号: 16, 页码: 6106-6115
Authors:  Liu, Fuyong;  Lv, Yuxia;  Liu, Jiajian;  Yan, Zhi-Chao;  Zhang, Baoqing;  Zhang, Jun;  He, Jiasong;  Liu, Chen-Yang
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Phase Diagram of Rod-Coil Diblock Copolymer Melts 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2015, 卷号: 48, 期号: 24, 页码: 9060-9070
Authors:  Tang, Jiuzhou;  Jiang, Ying;  Zhang, Xinghua;  Yan, Dadong;  Chen, Jeff Z. Y.
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Syntheses of Sequence-Controlled Polymers via Consecutive Multicomponent Reactions 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2015, 卷号: 48, 期号: 11, 页码: 3414-3421
Authors:  Zhang, Ze;  You, Ye-Zi;  Wu, De-Cheng;  Hong, Chun-Yan
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Dynamics of Concentrated Polymer Solutions Revisited: Isomonomeric Friction Adjustment and Its Consequences 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2014, 卷号: 47, 期号: 13, 页码: 4460-4470
Authors:  Yan, Zhi-Chao;  Zhang, Bao-Qing;  Liu, Chen-Yang
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Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers with Dithienocarbazoles as Donor Units: Effect of Structure on Semiconducting Properties 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2012, 卷号: 45, 期号: 21, 页码: 8621-8627
Authors:  Deng, Yunfeng;  Chen, Yagang;  Zhang, Xiaojie;  Tian, Hongkun;  Bao, Cheng;  Yan, Donghang;  Geng, Yanhou;  Wang, Fosong
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Synthesis of Diverse Well-Defined Functional Polymers Based on Hydrozirconation and Subsequent Anti-Markovnikov Halogenation of 1,2-Polybutadiene 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2012, 卷号: 45, 期号: 3, 页码: 1190-1197
Authors:  Zheng, Jun;  Liu, Feng;  Lin, Yichao;  Zhang, Zhijie;  Zhang, Guangchun;  Wang, Lu;  Liu, Yan;  Tang, Tao
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Synthesis and Properties of Dendritic Emitters with a Fluorinated Starburst Oxadiazole Core and Twisted Carbazole Dendrons 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2011, 卷号: 44, 期号: 6, 页码: 1405-1413
Authors:  Zhao, Zhen-Hua;  Jin, Hao;  Zhang, Yan-Xin;  Shen, Zhihao;  Zou, De-Chun;  Fan, Xing-He
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Toward Functionalization of Thermoresponsive Poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2010, 卷号: 43, 期号: 23, 页码: 9972-9981
Authors:  Chen, Guang-Tao;  Wang, Chun-Hao;  Zhang, Jia-Guang;  Wang, Yang;  Zhang, Rui;  Du, Fu-Sheng;  Yan, Ning;  Kou, Yuan;  Li, Zi-Chen
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Study of the Supramolecular Architecture-Directed Synthesis of a Well-Defined Triple-Chain Ladder Polyphenylsiloxane 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2010, 卷号: 43, 期号: 5, 页码: 2130-2136
Authors:  Ren, Zhongjie;  Xie, Ping;  Jiang, Shidong;  Yan, Shouke;  Zhang, Rongben
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Effect of Matrix Molecular Mass on the Crystallization of beta-Form Isotactic Polypropylene around an Oriented Polypropylene Fiber 期刊论文
MACROMOLECULES, 2010, 卷号: 43, 期号: 1, 页码: 561-564
Authors:  Sun, Xiaoli;  Li, Huihui;  Zhang, Xiuqin;  Wang, Dujin;  Schultz, Jerold M.;  Yan, S.
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